Denim Dreamin’

A denim button up is my go-to when I don’t know what to wear. My usual match is leggings with cheetah flats or boots, but it’s warming up now so I’m finding myself experimenting. I do this thing when the seasons change where I try on all my clothes, mixing and matching outfits for the upcoming weather. Lately, I’ve been playing around with my spring outfits and I found my favorite denim top. Here are some not-so-usual ways to play up or dress down a simple basic shirt.

Colored Bottoms

Denim and colored pants



With spring finally here, colored or floral bottoms are already popular and being worn often. Instead of wearing a plain tee with them, make your outfit a little edgy by wearing a button-up instead. It’s also perfect to wear on top of a basic tee if the weather is colder.

Denim on Denim

denim on denimIt’s risky, but when perfected it looks amazing. You have to find the perfect style and color to pull it off. I’d go for a style like above; a dark plain jean and a top with hints of pale blue or gray. If the colors are too much alike they might mesh together and look like one piece of clothing.

With a flashy statement necklace

denim necklacePersonally, I’m not a huge fan of chunky jewelry. I find myself usually wearing studs, simple necklaces, and  maybe a couple rings, but a statement necklace can really dress up a button-down. I’d try this look on a date night or if I’m going out with friends. It’s laid back, but with a hint of girly.

With a touch of leather

denim and leatherNow leather bottoms I’m a huge fan of. In the winter you can rock this look with leather leggings and in the summer, shorts or a skirt. I’ve worn my button down with leggings before and I love the look of the two materials against each other.

Some other ways to wear a denim button down could be with a maxi skirt, a floral spring dress, or even as a cover up on the beach. The reason I love them so much is you can mix and match them with just about anything!

XO, Richelle





Spring has Sprung

I think it’s finally safe to say that spring is here. The darkness of winter is gone, meaning I have to start adding color to my wardrobe again. For me, it’s far too easy to fall back on the simple outfits when it comes to dressing professionally. I like to think of spring as a time of rebirth and to try new things. Here are a few absolute essentials for this transition into warmer weather.

Blouses in Fun Colors or Patterns

Try a blouse that’s light blue, green, or purple. Pinks and creams always look good too. Floral blouses are also a great thing to try in spring because that’s usually the time of year where you get the most variety to pick from. hmprod

This blouse (left) from H&M is great because you can match it with multiple colors (tan, beige, navy). You can wear it in the office or with some jean or khaki shorts on a nice day.








White and Tan Leather 



I’m a huge fan of the black leather jacket, but sometimes even on chilly days you want the warmth without such a dark color. I wear my leather jackets for just about any occasion and you can pair them with so much. The left option is from Topshop and the right is from Barney’s. If you’re looking for something like this without paying a ton of money, I found my tan jacket that is almost identical to the one above at TJ Maxx for $30- not a bad bargain.

Bright-colored Dresses

There is no better time of the year where you can wear a bright-colored or patterned dress than spring.

The bottom left dress (J.Crew) is perfect for the spring and summer months when it really starts to get warm. If yellow isn’t your color, try a different one (right, Madewell) that’s a perked-up Navy. The simplicity of the dresses allows for more creativity when you’re matching shoes and jewelry.













Floral Print Shoes

Flats or pumps, whichever you like, floral patterns are so much fun to mix and match.







You’d be surprised how easy it is to match floral patterns and just how much you can do with them. I’d recommend (depending on how bright they are) a simpler outfit with the floral shoes. That allows them to pop and stand out.



Enjoy this amazing weather!!

XO, Richelle






Virtual Inspiration


As a young college student I often get my fashion ideas and outfit inspirations from – who else? – my girl friends. Getting ready for the weekend turns into a full-out fashion show taking up half of our night. I also get my professional advice them. Anything from “Should I wear my hair up or down?” to “Do I have any food stuck in my teeth?” I once gave a friend a mock interview over a couple drinks… work hard, play hard, right?



Recently I have been trying to branch out on who I get my advice from. Girl friends are great and convenient, but I have uncovered so many great tips and secrets from girls I don’t even know. This past week I discovered College Fashionista, a site that allows young men and women all over the U.S. to post pictures of themselves and share their style secrets. You can even shop by your own school; I found some familiar faces when looking at Ohio University. Who knew you could get great advice from people your age from campuses all over? Kudos, Amy Levin, for creating something that all of us young women have wanted for so long, and for making it so easy! Check it out ladies and gents- I promise you won’t be disappointed!

XO, Richelle

Broke and Beautiful

Makeup and Money

Being in college is a difficult time financially. I can barely come up with enough money to pay my utilities let alone try to live a lavish life. “Lavish” to me has become splurging on a fifteen dollar bottle of wine and maybe on a good month being able to get my eyebrows done.  Being a junior in college, I have finally found some ways to cheat the system and bring at least a little glam to my life. Here’s some tips that will not only save you some cash, but will be useful even after you’re no longer a struggling young adult- hopefully sooner than later!


If you’re like me and love makeup, dropping my favorite powder face down on the floor is equivalent to dropping my iPhone (cue the cringing, eyes squinting, slow reach down to the ground). Breaking makeup is the absolute worst, especially if you just purchased the product. But no worries; here’s a quick fix:

1. Take some rubbing alcohol and let it soak in the product (not too much or it will become too liquefied).

2. If you don’t want to use your bare fingers you can put plastic wrap on top, use the end of a Q-tip, or the back of a spoon. I’d recommend using something- it took more than 10 washes to get the color out of my skin.

3. Let it sit and voilà! Good as new.

As for body wash and shower supplies: spend your money on nice soaps instead. I know it’s tempting to buy something with a stronger scent, but there are plenty of soaps that smell just as good, if not better, for half the price. Personally I like The Body Shop’s Olive Soap. At just $2, the scent is light and lasts all day long, unlike the strong scented products that lose their smell after a few minutes.


Also, for shampoos and conditioners, if you have any leftovers from bottles, instead of tossing them out just mix them all together. Unless you have a specific product needed for your hair, it shouldn’t make a difference. If you run out of shaving cream, use conditioner. It works the same if not better, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

VaselineVaseline: I swear by it!

You can use it as lip balm or put it on dry skin, and it’s extremely cheap. Have you ever used lip balm and noticed your lips just getting more chapped and needing more? It’s because most balms can contain chemicals that actually dry out and irritate the lips more.

If your favorite perfume is running low, add some lotion to it to make the scent last longer. I did this once with my favorite scent that got discontinued and it lasted an extra three months!!

Avoid salons and give yourself a mani-pedi. I know it’s a tempting and relaxing get-away to head off to the salon and get pampered while you read the latest gossip magazines, but many salons charge way too much for a simple procedure. I take the polish on my nails and toes off right before a shower or bath, allowing the hot water to soak in. Then after, I buff my nails and push my cuticles back. Have a glass of wine or two while you’re at it, and pamper yourself for free!

I hoped this helped you ladies save some cash, and maybe now you can splurge on something new!

XO, Richelle

My Packing Catastrophe

I recently just got back from Las Vegas on my spring break and even though I’ve travelled multiple times,  I never fail to experience the same horror every trip; overpacking. I was sitting in my room gathering everything I would need for (five days may I add) and all the sudden here I am with an overflowing suitcase. Sitting in the airport flying home I was thinking about how I wish I had some guidelines on the essentials I would need. Here’s my go-to list that I wish I would have had a week ago…and every time I’ve ever went somewhere.

DON’T forget your essentials

I think sometimes as women were so focused on the outfits and where we are going to go that we forget we need our face and body products. Buying your chosen face wash or even a toothbrush is often more expensive around travel destinations and a waste of money for something that’s so easy to remember. You’re on vacation- that money could be used elsewhere (like on a few cocktails).

Start with neutrals and have a few “special” outfits

Anyone else have the problem where you try on fifteen outfits and then just end up wearing the first one you tried on? I found it’s easier and more spacious if you stick with your favorite simple items (v-necks, sweaters, tank tops) because you already know you love them. We all want to look extra good on vacation, so choose items you know you like. Then, depending on how long your stay is, have a few dressier outfits for a night out.

A leather jacket (or any neutral cover up)

Weather is unpredictable everywhere. I recommend a leather jacket because it can be worn all the time and can be mixed and matched with just about everything. You can dress it up, or wear it during the day when you’re just exploring a town.


I recommend a pair of black jeans, blue jeans, and something else (leggings, tights, etc.). If you’re going somewhere warm, shorts and some dressier skirts or a maxi. The plainness of them allows for creativity and multiple wears with different styles.

Hair Products

Bring everything you think you would need, especially a flat iron and a curling iron (if you use product on your hair) I know airports have a rule that you can’t carry anything on that’s more than 3.4 ounces. (so basically a tic-tac can… ridiculous). If you use special and usually expensive products on your hair that you absolutely can’t go a week without, bring them! If you can’t fit them into that size bottle, check a bag if you have to. Spending the extra forty dollars is better than having to buy the brand new products. Only if it’s that important to you of course.

I hope this helps you pack for your next trip, and may your luck be better than mine!

XO, Richelle


Coming into college, my image of blazers was strictly work-related. Little did I know, you can play in them too! My sophomore year of college I started exploring different style options. One night I was getting ready and something was missing I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was. A friend of mine recommended that I add a blazer… and that’s when my addiction started. In fact, I find myself constantly dressing something up a bit more with a blazer now when I go out. I’ve learned there’s a difference between blazers you would wear in the office and ones you would wear out on the town.

With the weather warming up soon (hopefully) spring is just around the corner (AKA time to bring back out the floral patterns and bright colors).

floral blazerLately I’ve been obsessed with floral blazers.

They’re the best when it’s a little chilly out and still not warm enough to wear a plain tee. It adds a little something extra to an outfit that needed some sprucing. It’s simple and casual but can be played up to be dressy too, giving you the bang for your buck.

Floral Blazerr And for the summer months..

Switch your bottoms from leggings or jeans or some high-waisted or cropped shorts.

Check out Polyvore, they have some great floral cardigans and blazers in stock.

Black on black on black

black simple blazer That’s my motto.

When I’m struggling to find something to wear my go-to is always a black v-neck and it never disappoints. This look is simple, but the blazer dresses it up without making it too dressy. For this style I would go a size up or two of your usual size depending on how big you want it and go for a blazer that is has a looser cut so it flows more on your body.

Dress up a vintage t-shirt

Dressed-down blazer

I was in New York City last winter visiting a family friend, and when he asked where I wanted to go to dinner I told him I wanted to go where “all the young professional go” (the good looking, successful guys that were my age). He took me to this little pub and around 10:30, they all came rolling in. I will never forget this blonde who had on a vintage torn-up tee underneath a plain blazer and I remember thinking that I would have never even considered to mix up the two. She looked amazing! Now with vintage tees being easily accessible (, any local thrift store, or your parents’ closet in my case) they are easier than ever to find. If you’re looking to try an edgier look, but don’t want to dive right in this is a great place to start.

Adding some color

Pink Blazer Okay we can’t wear black ALL the time…

Sometimes it’s nice to add a splash of color. This outfit is perfect for running errands during the day, grabbing dinner, or even for a casual day in the office. I would say this is the best outfit to go straight from work to a night out. It’s sophisticated, but still hides the fact that you just came from work.

Buy some blazers and let them change your life!!

XO, Richelle

My First Transition

Lately I have been writing a lot about fashion and adapting to different styles as you get older. What I didn’t realize looking back was how much my inner self has changed throughout the process. Becoming a young woman and experiencing “the first transition” from being a teenager is not only exciting, but it’s a time for major experimentation and spontaneity. If anyone has changed drastically throughout college it’s me. I know this is a more emotional post, but fashion is a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside and how you chose to show that to the world, so here are some things I’ve adopted along my journey:

Don’t be scared to look stupid; admit that you don’t, in fact, know it all. 

There is going to come a time, and probably more than once, where you feel like a complete idiot. It took me a total of five minutes entering college to realize that I am A. not invincible and B. not immune to experiencing the horror stories you hear about college and graduating. Change and learning is a good thing- it’s exciting. If you’re confused, there’s a number of people looking to help you and if you screw up, learn the right way and don’t make the same mistake again. I stopped being paranoid about things I couldn’t control. Grasp and hold onto what you can, and let whatever bad happens take its course.

If you want to wear something, wear it, but wear it for yourself.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to base my fashion choices off of what other people were wearing. I can’t lie, I still get many of my ideas from what I see off of random pictures and Pinterest (of course), but now I mix my own style choices with my findings. I’m not scared to mix up my style and try out different looks. One night I might dress edgy and the next day I’ll have a sundress on. That’s the beauty of being a twenty-something.

Take advantage of the people around you that are trying to help you. Don’t give them the cold shoulder.

As young adults we like to think we have everything under control; money, school, relationships, work. We don’t. College campuses are full of faculty and organizations hired to help students, so use them! Don’t be afraid to ask your parents and friends too. Growing up is a process, it doesn’t just happen overnight. I work two jobs at school, and believe it or not, your bosses are a lot more understanding (for the most part) than you would think. Every adult was our age, they get the struggle.

Don’t feel guilty when you stay in for the night, don’t be scared to go out, and know when you should or shouldn’t.

I was talking to a friend today about having a FOMO Addiction (fear of missing out)… and I have it bad. I will find myself thinking that something crazy and fun is going on while my face is buried beneath the books. I learned that when you have to get work done, get it done, and don’t feel bad when you want to spend time with your friends. Life is a healthy mixture. A young professional once told me that after graduating and receiving his first job he worked his butt off 8 a.m.-5 p.m. days because he was the “new guy” and it completely wore him out. Don’t let the stress of school and work kill your passion for life. Bars aren’t always the way to relieve stress either. Join a yoga class, take a nap, sit outside for an hour without interruption. Allow yourself to unwind and take a step back.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is to appreciate myself and learn from my mistakes. When you work hard, respect the people around you, and present yourself in an honorable manner, good things will come your way. Don’t be scared to begin your transition.

407254_10200212148730198_1597401176_n XO, Richelle

Preparing for an interview, life in the office, and other things we don’t want to think about

Sometimes the transition from being a college student to a young professional can be tricky. Entering a bar with friends and entering an office are two completely different scenarios, as they should be. Dressing up with the girls for a night out and trying new styles can be fun, but there are some clothing items that should always remain just that. With the career fair coming up next week it’s essential that you impress, but don’t go over the top.

Please, PLEASE avoid stilettos. I squirm when I see girls walking into any professional setting with them on. Depending on where you work, they may be acceptable, but to be safe I would stick to 1 1/2 to 2 inch heels. Anything higher sends a sexual message AKA what you should be avoiding. Plus if you’re a recent grad working long hours, they will be a killer on your feet.

Nude Flats These flats (from are perfect for anything professional. Plus if you’re extremely tall like me, it’s nice to not feel like you’re towering over everyone you encounter for once.

Statement Necklaces have been very trendy lately. They can easily dress up a plain outfit, but some necklaces are too “BAM look at me.” If you’re going to wear jewelry, wear something simple and chic. You want the people you talk to focusing on what you say- not the gaudy piece of metal hanging around your neck. Jewelry makes or breaks an outfit; avoid distracting people in the workplace and stick with something simple.

Also, avoid heavy makeup. I love to play around with different shades and colors, but interviews and offices are not the place to do so.

Blue eyes: Blue is a cool color, and having blue eyes I find myself using warmer shades to contrast. When you have a light eyes, avoid using too much color because it distracts from their natural beauty. Best complements: yellows, golds, tans, beiges.

Green eyes: The most popular color people turn to with green eyes is purple. If you don’t like that try pinks or earthy tones (greens, browns, etc.)

Beauty trick: I have blue/green eyes so when I want them to look more blue I’ll wear golds and when I want them to look green I’ll wear pinks and purples. Works magic!!

Brown eyes: Since brown is neutral you get the most options. If you have brown eyes I would play around with all different colors and see what really makes them pop.

Lastly, the actual outfits you wear. Save the body con dresses for a night out… or just throw them in the trash. They might have been acceptable for freshman year but there comes a time in every girl’s life where she just can’t wear hoochie mama stuff anymore. Ladies… now is that time. Black Dress ProfessionalThis dress (the is the style you want to go for. Right above the knee if not below, a high cut, and sleeves. I lean toward black when dressing professionally (more like always) because it’s slimming and you can play around with it the most. The Limited is a great store for business clothes, sometimes pricey, but if you go at the right time they have great deals.

See you next week! Land those jobs ladies.

XO, Richelle

Baby it’s cold (more like freezing) outside

If you’re anything like me and love the summer months, the reality that winter has set in is like hitting a brick wall. It is so easy (and trust me, I know from recent experience) to just lay in bed in old sweats and T-shirts wanting to do absolutely nothing. Every winter I find myself falling into this mentality of “it’s gross outside and I don’t want to even try to put myself together.” News flash ladies: sitting in the same outfit for three days and watching Netflix will not boost your mood. (I realized that from recent experience too) I’ve learned that in order to get through winter, you have to just get through it and tough it out. It might be hard to find any new winter wear because many of the department stores are starting their transition to spring lines. Here are a couple essentials that every girl should have for days where there’s just a breeze to those times where you feel like you’re going to freeze.

1. A Leather Jacket


 It’s number one because it’s most important! A leather jacket is an essential piece to own because you can mix and match it with just about everything and you can wear it during every season. You can wear a flannel underneath or match it with a scarf and sweater. In the warmer months you can wear a simple tank top. Owning a leather jacket has definitely saved me in the moments where I’m rushing out the door and don’t know what to wear. I recommend buying in black, but I also own a gray and an army green one. 

2. A Poncho


The great thing about ponchos is you can find them in all different fabrics. The one I own is all black and the fabric is a little thicker than the picture shown above. I usually wear it to special events because it’s a tad more formal. Most ponchos you find have a print though. I would say that they are more of a fall piece and shouldn’t be worn past march, but you can get away with it now while you have the chance!

3. Anorak Coat

Target Coat

Similar to a trench coat, but a little lighter. The jacket I own has a sewn-in hoodie too and is honestly the best thing I have ever purchased. I wear it to class, running errands, and even when I go out. It’s the perfect coat to own when it starts to warm up and even when it’s cold I wear a puffy vest over top of it. I bought mine at Target but H&M and Forever 21 also have some good selections.

4. Thick Scarves


AKA: the best thing accessory ever created. Can you tell I’m a huge fan? You can wear them year-round and dress them up or down. I don’t have a favorite store to purchase scarves at or even a favorite style, but you can basically find a thick scarf anywhere. They’re the best for days where all you want to be is cozy and warm. For winter, I would go for neutral colors (navy, beige, brown, black, gray, etc.) because you can wear them with pretty much anything. A dark red is also a flattering color, especially for the winter months. 

5. A good pair of snow boots


A common choice I have noticed among young college-aged woman on campus are Sorel’s. They’re just about as cute as snow boots can be. Trust me, it’s worth the investment. This past winter has completely ruined half of the riding boots I own. I could have avoided that by picking up of a pair of these. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

See you next week! Stay warm!

XO, Richelle

Now and Then

College has been an extremely transformative experience for me. People come to college not only to gain an education, but to learn more about themselves, explore in more depth who they are and what they want out of life. When I came to college freshmen year, I found myself sort of, well… lost. I would act the way other people were acting and wear what all the other girls were wearing. A few months into my first year after I adjusted I finally asked myself the question, “why?” Some of the outfits I was choosing weren’t meant for my body, let alone me as a person. My true values and what I was portraying were no longer parallel, and I decided that needed to change. Your outfit choices reflect you.

Now being a junior, I smile at how young I seemed and view it as a learning experience rather than a struggle.  Now I can whole-heartedly say I’m comfortable with my style and love every piece of clothing I own. I’ve learn you can be a young adult and still be young. I’ve exchanged style tips with my friends and eventually you learn what works and what doesn’t. My future posts won’t be solely professional focused; they will also include ways to help find the styles that were meant for you all along. I hope within these next few months, some of the secrets I share will inspire people to try something new and realize that in the end, the only person you should be dressing for is yourself.